Permissible waste

Waste reception protocol

Prior to the reception

  • Sampling and complete analytical characterization of the waste, carried out by an EAC authorized by the Waste Agency of Catalonia, in accordance with current regulations. The ATLAS technical department also analyzes other parameters of the waste in order to study its chemical compatibility with that of the waste already in the repository.
  • Basic characterization of the waste, which consists of gathering all the necessary information on the waste, with the objective of eliminating the waste safely in the long term, establishing critical parameters based on the analytical characterization carried out.
  • Management of the Waste Acceptance Form between the transfer operator, producer and manager, with the approval of the Agència de Residus de Catalunya.
  • Waste treatment contract in accordance with Decree 180/2015.
  • Supervision of waste compliance testing for critical parameters established in the basic characterization.
  • Documentary management of the Tracking Sheet, at the time of waste shipment.

Once the waste has been analyzed, identified and accepted by ATLAS, waste shipments can be made with the appropriate authorized carriers. If differences of a chemical or physical nature are detected upon receipt of the waste with respect to the initial analytical characterization or if the waste is received without the required documentation, it will be returned to the producer.

At the reception desk

  • Reception of the vehicle at the control office.
  • Verification of the documentation (Waste Tracking Sheet) delivered by the authorized transporter.
  • Sampling to confirm that the residue received corresponds to that analyzed prior to the official analytical characterization.
  • Performing the weighing.
  • The facility’s internal computer system generates a delivery note with data on the waste, producer, transporter and authorized vehicle carrying out the transport, as well as the weight of the load and any possible incidents.
  • The person in charge of the control office will hand over the basic safety rules and will take you to the unloading point to proceed with the unloading and confinement of the waste.
  • All wastes are identified with coordinates, so they are located within the discharge basin, so that they can be located in case any anomaly is detected.
  • The waste is covered on a daily basis to avoid odors, leachate generation and minimize visual impact.

Once the waste has been disposed of, it is systematically controlled like the rest of the waste in the deposit, as established in the center’s operating manual and the environmental authorization.